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MagicPublishing can help your organization establish its presence on the Internet. We have experience in the following:

Strategic planning
Web site establishment, development and management
Integration of online activities with traditional media
Mailing list development and management
Announcement of your presence in other Internet forums
Employee technical and business training
Ongoing support

Lee Levitt, cofounder and principal of MagicPub, started this business in 1985 to provide customized Postscript forms to software companies and desktop publishing to small businesses. Since then, Lee has extensively studied the use of the Internet as a communications and public relations medium, as director of a consulting practice at International Data Corporation (subsidiary of IDG) and as a senior marketing representative for several Internet startups. Over the past several years, Lee has helped a number of companies and other organizations establish their Internet presence, ranging from a social services agency based in Medford (, a small niche focused bicycle retailer (, an 80 year old engine distributor ( and many others.

One of these sites, the town of Needham website ( recently won an award as one of the top five websites built with Microsoft's web development tools.

In addition, Lee has spoken at a variety of industry events, including several annual meetings of the Internet Society and many other national and regional topical conferences and events.

Prior to helping found MagicPub, Lee's wife and partner Amy managed an international customer service operation for the publisher Addison Wesley. She has also started her own business, AMYDOODLES, ( providing personalized gifts and has several years of experience in conducting commerce over the Internet via her website and through online communities. Her many achievements and highly favorable press attest to her skill in this area.

As a client of Magic Publishing, you benefit from these years of experience. Success on the Internet is based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

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